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In house 3D design


At Apex Pools and Spa, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with an end-to-end solution, by creating custom- designed pools and spas, using state of the art design technology that creates a realistic visual result while taking the client's landscape and environment into consideration. 

New spa construction

 New Construction

Apex uses only quality products in the construction of it's pools & spas. Each stage is meticulously done from submitting plans to excavation, pipe-fitting, concrete-laying, tiling & grouting, to water filling, and start-up, to ensure that our clients have a pool and spa that will provide them with a life-time of leisure.

Pool and yard remodels


Apex can also turn your old pool and spa into a brand new oasis. Whether your  pool needs minimal upgrade that is merely cosmetic like tiling or requires full refurbishment such as replacing new pipes and concrete, or adding a spa, you can be assured that the end result will be one that will last for years. 

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